About Us

Win Mu Tin Law Office (formerly Ma Khin Kyi Law Office) is one of the leading Intellectual Property law offices in Myanmar. Our office has been providing IP legal services to domestic and international clients for many years. Win Mu Tin is a member of International Trademarks Association and ASEAN Intellectual Property Association.

Our History

The office is one of the oldest IP law offices in Myanmar which passed through many years of experience. Our office has descended from a Law firm named "Hartnoll, Padget & Foucar" founded by British lawyers, Mr.Hartnoll, Mr. Padget and Mr.Foucar, during the British colonial times. After the Second World War in 1945, Mr.Hartnoll and Mr.Foucar settled back in Myanmar and the IP business started working again. In 1948, after Mr. Hartnoll retired, the name was changed to Foucar & Soorma and after that changed to Soorma & Boon. The business was later acquired by Mr.T.K.Boon alone and on his demise, by Mr. C.A.Soorma. In 1979, when Mr. Soorma passed away, Ma Khin Kyi who has been practicing at the firm since 1948, took over the business. In 2005, Ma Khin Kyi retired and Ma Khin Kyi Law Office was acquired by her niece Win Mu Tin who has joined Ma Khin Kyi since 1993 and the name is now changed to Win Mu Tin Law Office. Ma Khin Kyi is still a consultant at Win Mu Tin Law Office.

Our Service

We specialize in registering, maintaining and renewing Trade Marks, Patents and Designs in Myanmar. Our office provides IP legal services cost-effectively which include:

Trade Mark Searches

Registration of Trade Marks, Patent and Designs

Publication of Cautionary Notices


Recordal of Changes of Owner's name and address, Mergers and Assignments

Translations and Notarisation of documents

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Street Address

Win Mu Tin Law Office (formerly Ma Khin Kyi Law Office)

Room :29, 3rd Floor, No.53/55 MahaBandoola Garden Street Kyauktada Township,Yangon, Myanmar.

Fax: (95 1 )233922

Tel: ( 95 1 )375599

E-mail :makhinkyi.law@mptemail.net.mm, bn_wmt@yangon.net.mm, info@winmutinlaw.com

P.O.Box Address

Win Mu Tin Law Office (Formerly Ma Khin Kyi Law Office)

P.O.Box 60,Yangon, Myanmar.